Sustainable office on T58

T58Who wants to move forward, needs to invest in knowledge, but also in durability. Therefore a sustainable building was an important goal for Eltra. The result is a new workspace with several applied innovative techniques.

Stationary horizontal solar shutters eliminate the hot sun during midsummer, but let the sun inside in the spring and autumn. The water outlet system consists of 3 separate systems: Sewerage, rain water drainage and drainage of the pavement. All wooden materials bear the FSC label.

Heat pump
Concrete core activation in combination with a heat pump system ensures a high efficiency in heating and cooling. By using the mass of concrete floors and ceilings, a constant climate is created. By applying the heat pump, an EPC-value of 0.53 is reached

Modular lay out
The office lay out is modular designed. By using a modular wall system, offices can be adjusted accordingly changes in the organization All data for climate control, lighting and other building functions are collected by an EIB data bus and send to the appropriate control systems. Thus in each separate office temperature can be adjusted, depending on need.

Each floor has a separate room available for copiers and printers. In this way the office environment remains free of toner dust.

We are very pleased with the end result. Sustainability is very important to us and by implementing these innovative techniques, we have even increased the comfort level of our work environment.