Ignition Scada & MES Software

badge_certifiedTilburg,  1 september 2014

After an intensive training of our guys in Sacramento California, we are proud to announce that we became “Certified Integratorfor the Ignition SCADA and MES software.

We will be able to apply the gained knowledge directly in the realization of the new french fries line at the  Agristo plant in Tilburg.

The Agristo Technicians as well as our own engineers are very excited from the very first introductionabout the strength, capabilities and basic stucture of the software.

In a two-week training  the developer: Inductive Automation from Sacramento has charged our enthusiasm to use this software on a wide scale with their no-nonsense system licening.

The system is based on Java so it is platform independent. It is made with today’s knowledge of SCADA systems and meets all the essential requirements for a modern SCADA system.