Press Control

To automate the order flow to an eccentric press, it can be equipped with Profin , this by Eltra Engineering developed software ensures that the available XML commands are imported automatically and converted into machine instructions.

Profin Work Center is the pivot in provisioning information, where each product is summarized in an single XML message. In the continuous flow of XML messages to and from Profin Shop Floor Control, any product can be unique in its operations real-time information on production progress available at any time. Besides Profin, a press will be equiped with our advanced “Press Control” software. This software automatically monitors the switching times of the CAM Control and feed lengths. The operator can simply preset the optimum angles and press speed as proposed. The feed length of the strip can constantly change, thereby the feedtime will also change. If the position cannot be reached within a single press rotation, the controller software will make the press to run a “leerhub”. In the case of a solid tool without cams, the software itself makes the choice between a “pass through” or “single stroke” mode. Because of this intelligence, a simple press can still produce with extreme flexibility!