Profin Shop Floor Control

Profin Shop Floor Control is designed as a platform for the Production planner and assigns orders in a constant flow to one or more machines. In addition to comprehensive import and export functionality, that includes orders, drawings and settings, Profin SFC control takes care of the real-time XML order flow to and from different machines where Profin Work Center is responsible for the execution of these orders.


  • Reading and manage production orders from ERP or MES.
  • Import of CAD drawings.
  • Create/import punch plans and machine settings.
  • Dividing assembled products to different machines.
  • Clearly central order processing.
  • Detailed progress monitoring per machine.
  • Optimization calculating for the most efficient tool positions.
  • Product visualization for optical check.
  • Integration of profile, Pallet Bundle and label printers.
  • Interface with customer-specific punching plan configurators.