Privacy statement

Eltra Engineering BV processes personal data in accordance with the legislation and regulations in the area of the protection of personal data, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Eltra Engineering BV processes your personal data because you used our services and/or because you provided them to us yourself.

We consider transparency and reliable services to be very important. We therefore think it is important that you know which personal data we collect and for which purposes these data are used.

What does Eltra Engineering BV do with your data?

All information and documents you leave behind on our website, by applying for a job for example, are used by us to contact you. We prefer to do so by telephone or by e-mail. If you apply for a job via the website, your data will be forwarded automatically to the Eltra Engineering BV HR advisor. The HR advisor stores your data during the selection procedure.

If no employment contract is concluded, these data will be removed at most 4 weeks after the selection procedure has ended. If we wish to retain your data for a longer period of time, because a different suitable vacancy may become available in the near future, we will always contact you to ask for your consent.

If you contact us by means of the contact form, only the data you leave behind will be forwarded to the management of Eltra Engineering BV. They will use these data to contact you. These data will be removed if contact is no longer necessary.

What data are stored by Eltra Engineering BV?

Eltra Engineering BV only stores the data you leave behind on the website when you respond to one of our vacancies. We retain the following data in order to make sure the selection procedure runs as smoothly as possible and to contact you:

  • Name
  • Address details
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • CV and everything you have included in the CV

Would you like to know exactly which data we have stored in respect of you? You can always request this information from our privacy manager. You can send an e-mail to for this purpose.

Who has access to your data?

The HR department has access to your data in order to be able to assess your application properly. If you are invited to an initial meeting, your discussion partners will of course also read your CV.

If you have asked a question via the contact form, the Eltra Engineering BV management will have access to the data you have left behind. They will forward the data to the relevant contact person depending on the content of the contact form. This person will use your data to be able to contact you.


We are very careful with all data contained in our system, which is why we have introduced a privacy protocol for the purpose of preventing data breaches. In the unlikely event a data breach nevertheless takes place, we will report this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA). We will inform the data subjects thereafter in so far as these are known to us.

Please contact Eltra Engineering BV if you are of the opinion that your data are not secured properly or there are indications that your data are being abused.